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The Curtis Family

The Curtis family decided to treat mum Leanne for Mother's Day and give her a chance to have there first ever big family photo session. It's easy to see why this family have such a close bond! We met down at Bibra Lake and spent the afternoon talking about their favourite memories of each other and laughing at or with one another (Shannon is terrified of ducks and probably for this reason they loved her the most!)

Leanne's little grandson Lachlan was the centre of attention and blessed us with happy, cheeky smiles for the entire photoshoot! Thank you all for a wonderful time xx

There is something so special about having a twin. They are not only your sibling, but your best friend. Someone who has been with you every step of the way on your life journey. It's even more special when that person happens to be an identical twin and look so similar!

There's a bit of a story behind this photo. This is known as the "Twin Kiss"...An image that has been recreated time and time again as both sisters, Alison and Shannon grew from little girls to not so little girls, who both still adore their dad.

Happiest little boy in the world! Just look at Lachlan's cheeky smile!

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